The Primary Pupil Survey

The primary pupil survey focuses on the views of pupils from years 3 to 6 about the experiences they receive in primary school.  It examines the way in which pupil attitude varies according to their age and gender.  (Additional analysis, e.g. by pupil premium, can also be undertaken.)

The Questionnaire

The primary pupil questionnaire comprises sixty questions. These questions are analysed both individually and in the same five broad areas of school life covered by the secondary questionnaire (the level of satisfaction with the school experience, the quality of pupil/teacher relationships, the perceived extent of parental support for pupil learning, the influence of the peer group, the level of pupils’ commitment to learning, and pupil well-being).

In addition, a number of questions are put to the pupils relating to their perceptions of themselves and their own ability. These questions are also analysed individually and in clusters.


The primary pupil questionnaire is generally administered in schools to all pupils online. (Alternatively, the survey can be conducted by means of a hard copy (paper) questionnaire where pupils’ responses and their free text comments are gathered by means of an optical mark reader (OMR) answer sheet. The materials for conducting the surveys and detailed instructions for the administration of the questionnaires are prepared and distributed by EdSRS.  Completed materials are returned to Keele for analysis.)


An electronic pupil survey report is provided for each school (usually within three days of closing the online survey). This report provides information which enables schools to compare the attitudes of boys and girls, and the responses of different year groups, against a national database. The report also provides a tabulated summary of findings allowing schools to compare their own performance longitudinally.

Each report includes:

  • an executive summary

  • a discussion of the analysis findings which compares a school’s findings to either Keele EdSRS database averages or findings from a previous survey. The report also relates the school's findings to Ofsted's guidance on developing an effective school self-evaluation summary
  • the data analysis tabulated by year and gender groups
  • comparative data in diagrammatic form
  • a transcript of free text comments made by pupils. (All comments are included in this transcript although minor amendments are made to maintain confidentiality and protect individuals from identification)
  • summaries of the school's findings, where available, providing comparisons with previous Keele surveys at the school.

 To order this survey or request further details please phone 01782 628948 or use the contact form.

Education Survey & Research Service


              Primary Pupil Survey 2023

     All pupils (Years 3 to 6) online or

     up to 300 sample* in paper format  £400

     * Cost to survey additional pupils £30 per 100