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Endorsement by Tim Brighouse

Many schools which have been highly successful in improving their students’ life chances will have been using surveys like these on a regular basis. By listening to their pupils, parents and staff they are looking to improve not only how they view the school but what they achieve there.

How? The surveys get at issues which other measurements cannot. Here are just some of the ways the findings are used in schools which use the Keele surveys.

  • They use the surveys to identify and interpret differences in outcomes for boys and girls and different year groups. They discuss with Year Tutors (and School Council representatives) actions which might increase:


        - The degree of affiliation of the students to the school

           (e.g. better relationships with teachers and other pupils).

         - Commitment to academic work (e.g. engagement with lessons and homework)

         - Student participation in out of school activities (e.g. sport clubs, dance, drama) 

  • The leadership team looks at the comparative results for different year groups and shares good practice with other schools.

  • The student body is encouraged to discuss the implications for their actions in order to help improve the degree of affiliation and motivation.

  • The parents and governors discuss policy and practice in the light of the survey findings.

I hope that the surveys will complement your efforts and make a difference for your schools and academies.

Tim Brighouse

Background to the Survey Service

A survey service at Keele was founded in 1989 by Tim Brighouse to provide research support to schools.  In the context of this support, our survey team has gained almost 30 years’ experience of providing standard or bespoke surveys to schools and education authorities. This comprehensive time-saving service is widely used by schools in the process of self-evaluation and review.  Please click the links on the left for further details of the range of stakeholder surveys provided by the Education Survey & Research Service (EdSRS).

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