This survey focuses on governors’ views about the school standards, the school environment and resources, the behaviour and well-being of pupils, the quality of teaching and learning, and the leadership and management of the school. 

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The Governor Survey

Education Survey & Research Service

Methodology and Outcomes

All governors complete the survey either online or in paper format. The questionnaire consists of 40 tick-box questions, with an opportunity to contribute free-text comments at the end of the survey.

Participant schools are provided with a feedback report containing:

  • an executive summary
  • a written report
  • an analysis of individual questions
  • comparative data in diagrammatic form
  • an edited transcript of free text comments made by governors. (Note: comments may be amended to maintain confidentiality and protect individuals from identification.)
  • a summary of findings tabulated (where available) with findings of previous surveys at the school.

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